'Kadhalil Vizhunthaen' director & 'Maasi' director arrested

A complaint has been filed against two directors, director Kicha who have done films like Bhavani and Maasi and director PV Prasad who did a movie with Nakul titled ‘Kadhalil Vizhunthaen’ has been arrested by the Chennai police in a cheating case.

Producer Tamil Kumaran who we might all know from serials such as Annamalai, Kolangal and Chithi has filed a case against those two directors. The producer has alleged that the two directors have cheated him with nearly 65 lakhs. They promised that they will make a movie with the producers son, Vishwa but failed to keep their word. Arjun’s upcoming film ‘Maasi’ has been delayed due to this issue since Kicha is the director of this film.

The Chennai City Police Crime Branch has arrested Tamil film directors P V Prasad and G Kichcha (G Krishnamurthy) for cheating a producer in a case of money transaction.

P V Prasad had taken Rs. 67 Lakhs from producer Tamizh Kumaran with a promise that he would complete a film for him. But, as Tamizh Kumaran grew suspicious of Prasad's intention and when he encountered the director said that he would give him the foreign rights that of a film that he was doing with another producer G Kichcha. But, Tamizh Kumaran did not agree to this and asked for the amount. As Prasad and G Kichcha together refused to do so Tamizh Kumaran filed a complaint with the Central Crime Branch and both Prasad and G Kichcha were arrested and lodged in Puzhal prison.

P V Prasad has directed Nakul's 'Kaadhalil Vizhundhaen' and G Kichcha has directed 'Bhavani' with Sneha and 'Maasi' with Arjun. Tamizh Kumaran has acted in many TV serials including 'Kolangal', 'Chithi' and 'Annamalai'.


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