Truth lies behind the layer in Nayan

Last year was a brisk one for both Prabu Deva- Nayanthara pair making hot news and hit buzzes. Their affairs led to divorce for Prabu from his wife and everyone expected the pair to become life partners. Nayan went to the extent of bidding adieu to the profession.

But 2012 did not reap any fruit for the seeds sown last year. On the contrast, the seeds have faded in the sorrow note. Nayan returned to the camps of film world without mentioning anything about her affair with Prabu. So far Prabu has not come out with any hint and he is as usual with his routine in his business. In the meantime Nayan had the tattoo of Prabu's name in her hand as a mark of her love. Now this skin layer is the creamy layer for her peaceful life.

Months ago it was said Nayan was on the mindset to remove that tattoo somehow. The time has come now that when she was at the Ugadi Puraskar Award function. Everyone present took notice of the rejuvenated Nayan and found her cheerful. They also noticed that the tattoo was missing in her hand. It is still on the search of what did Nayan do with that tattoo to scrap from her skin. Erasing of memory is not such a small thing but this is what could be the real agony for such a matured and beautiful glam.


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