I can’t be blamed for Bill 2 - Parvathy Omanakuttan

Parvathy Omanakuttan
Parvathy Omanakuttan, the heroine of Ajith’s latest film Billa-2, isn’t in a good mood these days. The actress was on ‘Cloud Nine’ only a couple of weeks prior to the theatrical release of Billa-2 which was her debut film as heroine in Tamil.
She had even went to the press saying that she could never get ‘enough’ of Ajith and was bowled over by the latter’s charm.

Now that Billa-2 struggles into its third week tomorrow and has widely been criticized for its making by Chakri Taloti, beauty queen Parvathy too has started feeling the heat as a talk has been going around in the industry circles saying that Parvathy is an ‘unlucky’ actress.

“It’s totally unfair to single out an individual and blame him or her for a film’s debacle as a film is made collectively by many. I played the heroine no doubt but mine wasn’t a dominating role and as such I can’t be blamed for the not-so-impressive show of the film so far,” says Parvathy, who ‘dies’ in the film after appearing in a few sequences and the mandatory songs.

“In fact, I sacrificed a Bollywood film offer to star in this film and I tried my best to promote the film. I did my assignment properly and it’s only my first film and I request the critics to be fair in their criticism and not brand me as an ‘unlucky’ actress,” adds Parvathy.

Hasn’t she got a valid point?


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