Santhanam's investment in real estate

Looks like Santhanam is making a shrewd move on the personal front. The most wanted comedian is planning to invest in the real estate business to keep himself financially secure once his film career is over.

The actor is currently the highest paid comedian in Tamil cinema and naturally, he was wondering how to invest his money so that he has a secure future. Based on the advice of his friends, he has now decided to enter the real estate business.

We hear that his friends had given him the example of the go-to comedy of the 80s and 90s, Goundamani and Senthil, who had made a great profit by investing their money by buying houses and renting them out.

Now, Santhanam is actually thinking of going one step higher and building premium apartments and flats which he can both rent out or sell to prospective buyers. The pundits in film business term this recent decision of the comedian as a shrewd move.


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