Simbu - Nayanthara friends again

STR and Nayanthara were recently spotted together at a film function in a star hotel and they were happily chatting together just like old times.

STR and Nayanthara are now become thick friends again. They participated in a film function at a star hotel recently and both shared a lot during that time.

However they are thick friends during 2006 after their Vallavan film. And also rumored that they both fall in love but all thing went wrong and they were quite separate for some years.

And after the break-up with Prabhu Deva, Nayanthara comeback to the films and grabbed the top actors film also. And STR has wished for her comback on screens already.

And now they maintain good relationship with each other. They chat for a long time and when they quizz STR about their relationship, STR said, “We are good friends only and as we are both in the same industry there are many thing to share”.


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