Premgi romances Sona, rescued Sona from water!

Debutant filmmaker P T Selvakumar's Onbathula Guru starring Vinay and Premgi is the key roles is fast progressing. The highlight is that Sona plays Premgi’s romantic pair. Says Premgi, ‘I had time between Settai and Biriyani.

I was offered this role and took it up. It just required 10 days of shoot.’ There are four male leads Premgi, Vinay, Sathyan and Avinash in the movie and each of them has a pair. Sona and Lakshmi Rai are pairing up with two of them. Apparently, the story is about four couples and the tracks have been shot separately.

The movie is said to be rib tickling one, sources say.

Premji saves Sona's life

Sexy Sona Heiden had the scare of her life at the Onbadhula Guru shooting when she was faking a swim off the Mamallapuram coast.

Sona and Premji Amaran play the lead roles in an upcoming film titled Onbadhula Guru directed by P.T. Selvakumar.

Sources close to the film’s crew said that Sona didn’t know how to ‘swim’ and started screaming when she was covered by a wave . Fortunately Premji and few other members of the crew swam across and caught hold of Sona by her hair and somehow managed to rescue her from the giant waves. Back on shore and to the safety of the shooting spot, Sona remained speechless for a few moments as she was obviously shocked by what had happened a few minutes ago.

Talking about the incident, Sona said “The director was canning sequences involving me and others. As per the sequence, others have to trip and fall into the waves, but I got tripped accidentally and was in inside the sea with water above my heads, and waves were coming hard. I felt terrified as I didn’t know how to swim. Thankfully, Premji and others rescued me. I’m still shuddering as I think about the incident!”

Kollywood sure owes a great deal to Premji for saving Sona!


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