Ileana choose live-in relationship

Ileana choose live-in relationship
The actress remains youthful, vigorous and fresh as she was during her initial days in industry. What makes Ileana so unique is her developed custom of keeping her life as open book.
The actress has always been shooting a line that she is more matured than girls of her age, which in turn becomes difficult to have acquaintance with them.

But what’s more inquisitive about Ileana is accepting her attraction to older men. Justifying this statement, she utters that usually women foraying into film industry at a young age become matured soon due to their mixed bag of experiences. Apparently, when someone falls in love, it’s just LOVE and has nothing to do with age.

Don’t draw your conclusions now. The actress isn’t in love or ready for marriage as she does not make predications, but assures it can happen anytime in her life. Totting up with her statement, Ileana D’ Cruz mentions that she doesn’t need to take up wedding vows to live with a man she loves, instead prefers Live-in relationships.

Ah! It leaves you awestruck to hear her say, “It’s your life and you can live the way you want it to be.”


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