Amala Paul - Director Vijay.. Buzz is still ON

Amala Paul - Director Vijay
The two have never been out of the news, ever since they worked together in ‘Deivathirumagal’. Director Vijay and actress Amala Paul have almost always been linked to one another by gossip mongers, and are looked forward to tie the knot with one another.

Meanwhile, with both of them doing yet another movie together, the fire got fueled all the more. Although Vijay has constantly been denying the rumours, seems like nobody has the ears for those.

Recently, when we got to trick him with a question on whether his marriage would be arranged or out of love, he was smart to catch the subtle point, and replied “Amala is a good friend of mine. The girl I will marry will be my parents’ choice.” Well, putting the buzz to rest, we wish the two the best in their respective careers!


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