Ambika debuts as director for 'Nizhal'

Ambika turns director for 'Nizhal'
Yesteryear actress Ambika, a popular south Indian face of the 1980s, has wielded the megaphone for upcoming Tamil-Malayalam bilingual romantic-thriller "Nizhal".

"Ambika is co-directing the film with Suresh, a Malayalam actor. This will be the first 'point of view' (POV) film that will have no cameraman. The actors themselves will hold the camera in the scenes thus allowing the audience to have an enhanced experience," said a statement.

"To make it more elaborate, The audience will feel that they are inside the plot of the movie along with the actors Instead of sitting and watching as a third person. The scenes will be felt the same way as the actors feel," the statement further added.

The film features an all new cast.

Indu Thampi and Kishore play the lead in the film, while Prasoon Krishna, Joe, Suresh, Venkat, Pradeep and Shruthi.

Tamil actor Ajith Kumar will feature in a cameo.

"We opted for new faces as the story is explained as a real-life incident and we felt new faces will fit into the characters to make it as real as possible," said the statement.

Since there is no cameraman involved in the project, a 40- day workshop in acting and camera techniques were given to all the artists.

One of the emotional scenes in the film was directed by Ambika along with her sister Radha Nair, another popular yesteryear actresses in the south.

Mallikarjunan has produced the film, which is scheduled for an April release.

Ambika, who started her career as a child artist, has acted in over 150 films across three languages. Some of her best films include "Neelathaamara", "Seetha" and "Antha Ezhu Naatkal".


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