Andhra fans unhappy with Powerstar!

The enigmatic Pawan Kalyan has been the proud bearer of the moniker 'Powerstar' for quite sometime now and his hordes of fans and admirers refer to him only by that title.

 So when the people in Andhra get online to search for their favorite hero, images and news of the self-proclaimed Powerstar Dr. Srinivasan crop up, much to the bemusement of the locals.

At first it is believed that they were under the impression that Pawan Kalyan is wearing a caricatured look for his next film, in the vein of Kamal Haasan in Japanil Kalyanaraman. But they soon realized this was the actual appearance of a Tamil actor.

The fact that their Powerstar had been sidelined on the online space has not gone down too well with the Andhra supporters and they have supposedly burnt effigies of Dr. Srinivasan.


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