Kamal's house from Pvt. financier to nationalized bank

Kamal's house from Pvt. financier to nationalized bank
Kamal Haasan had just retrieved his house which was under mortgage with a private financier. But has again mortgaged the house with a nationalized bank.

Kamal had earlier mortgaged his residence so as to drum up the requisite funds of Rs 95 crores to make his dream project ‘Vishwaroopam’ into visuals. When the Govt. of Tamil Nadu banned the film, Kamal had given a true sentimental speech on how he had even mortgaged his house to produce Vishwaroopam, And if the film doesn’t get to release, he would not only lose his house but would also consider shifting to ‘another State’ or ‘country’.

All movie watchers were greatly moved by the actor’s plight and some even sent, Kamal cheques and demand drafts which the actor promptly returned after thanking them. As it turns out, the film was lapped up all movie-goers in a big way and is said to have so far collected a whopping Rs.200 crore worldwide.

“I just retrieved my house from the private financier but had to mortgage it with a nationalized bank for a lower rate. When I get my full share from the distributors , I will retrieve it from the bank as well. I have always learnt things the hard way”, said Kamal.


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