Rajini's financial advice to Kamal!

Rajini's sincere advise to Kamal
In an attempt to caution Kamal Hasan who has been on a spending-spree for his experimental “Vishwaroopam”, RajiniKanth has advised his friend to start saving for his daughters' future at least now.

It might be remembered that Kamal had mortgaged his house for a huge sum to fund his Rs.95-crore movie that created controversies; it had agitated Kamal making him release statements that he would go in search of a secular nation or state. The issue was resolved and Kamal released the movie which became a box-office hit, making Kamal happy.

Two weeks back, Kamal had revealed that he had retrieved his house which was mortgaged with a private financier and has it mortgaged with a nationalized bank for a lower interest rate.

Rajini visited Kamal’s residence recently along with an author who is very close to him.

“It would be better if you recover all your mortgaged properties and register them in the name of your daughters. Don’t take the unnecessary risk of mortgaging your residence to make your future films. Get hold of an appropriate producer who would take of the production cost. I feel I have the right to tell you this at this juncture,” advised the superstar, Kamal's reaction to this is still unknown.


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