Something between Arya-Nayantara?

Two celebrities being spotted at public or private places often gets more meaning to it than required. It is obvious when people love to know more about the popular figures’ personal lives.

Especially, for the actors, life is difficult as they are often chased by general public and media. So, they try their best to avoid and keep their meeting as secret as possible. Yet they fail to keep it under glares all the time.

The latest example for it is Arya and Nayantara. The two actors, who are currently working together in two films, are good friends. But people who look them regularly, feels that the duo has something more than their friendship. These questions will easily arise as both the actors are ‘single’.

If the buzz has to be believed, Nayantara was the special guest at the house warming ceremony of Arya. Though she was not only the actress who graced the occasion, her presence was something that made others to believe that something is cooking between them.

Following this bonding, rumour mongers have tried to dig more into the issue and they have come up with some interesting gossips. What’s it?


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