Vishwaroopam 2 easier than first part, targets wonemfolk

Vishwaroopam 2
With the sequel to Vishwaroopam already in people's minds thanks to the big success of the first part and also due to the exciting teaser at the end of the first part, Kamal Haasan is all geared up to film the sequel in right earnest.

He said that it would be easy to film the sequel compared to the first part as all his actors already have the script in hand and the rhythm of narration has already been established. He said that the actors just needed to get back into the groove.

The pre-production of the sequel has started and Kamal has already canned 15% of the sequel as these were war scenes which he couldn't afford to shoot again. Kamal is also relieved about the profit that the first part made and is happy that he can continue to indulge in his passion of making movies.

Won’t lose the ladies

Kamal Haasan recently had something interesting to share about the sequel to Vishwaroopam. He said that the emotional quotient in the movie would be high thanks to a mother – son angle. There would be no shortage of romance either and Kamal wants the womenfolk also to enjoy the sequel as he feels that the first part became too much of an action fest after the first half hour.

This is what Kamal had to say in a recent interview to a reputed news house.
"This time the emotional quotient would be a lot higher than in the first film. In 'Vishwaroop' we had the ladies in the first half-hour. And then we lost them. It became too much a bang-bang boys' thing… So yes, there will be a mother-son angle to the story."


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