Hansika - Nayanthara - Prabhudeva! Hansika grabs Nayan's offer!

Sometimes, something happens on its own, and it will give trouble to the other. This is all about Hansika and Nayanthara.

Some time before, when Nayanthara was dating Prabhu Deva, Hansika crossed the line. Prabhu Deva was found roaming around with Hansika while at the same time in date with Nayan.

It was said that Nayanthara was angry about Hansika as she felt Hansika is crossing her line. By that time, Hansika said, Prabhu Deva is my brother and she, his sister, though everyone related to  Kollywood, knows how much they were brother and sister.

Recently, this ladaai of Hansika with Nayanthara has taken to new hanks to Hansika for grabbing the opportunity of Nayan.

Now, Hansika says she is a genuine person and never grabs other people's job. Hansika now claims that she never feels angry of anyone and she is always straight forward….


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