Prabhu Solomon’s next with stunning Tsunami!

Prabhu Solomon’s next with stunning Tsunami! 
Only few directors could infer that if there is a good plot, there is no prerequisite for holding film with lead actors. One among such well-developed directors is Prabu Solomon.

Director Prabu Solomon chooses cinema with backgrounds as jungle, mountain, and elephant. The arriving crack by Prabu Solomon centres Tsunami.

Prabu Solomon believes in a story alone, and introduces new faces by his movies. In arriving crack destined by Prabu Solomon, ‘Naan Ee’ celebrity Nani is a hero.

While Kumki had an elephant as its central character, this film is going to have Tsunami as its core subject. The director has planned to create a 40 minute long Tsunami sequence in the film and the team is pretty sure that it will stun the audience.

Prabu Solomon has readied screenplay suiting such a plot.  Also, Prabu Solomon is formulation including Hollywood stars in his arriving flick.  Reports are abuzz that issue of Tsunami is also to be cinematized. This is also touted to be the costliest film Prabhu Solomon has ever done.


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