Sreesanth - Lakshmi Rai Intimate photos leaked, Lakshmi Rai reacts [Pics]

Sreesanth - Lakshmi Rai sexy photos
Intimate photographs of arrested cricketer Sreesanth and actress Lakshmi Rai are making rounds in internet and have triggered sensation.

Police arrested Sreesanth on charges of spot-fixing in cricket. Also, money got through gambling is being seized. Also, cricket bookies in connection with Sreesanth are being arrested.

Mumbai Police have announced that summon would be sent to actors and actresses suspected to have link with the cricket gambling. Cine professionals are taken aback at the announcement. Reports are that police are gathering details of actresses close to Sreesanth.

Sreesanth and Hindi actress Surveen Chawla hugged each other and danced in Reality Show. Reports went abuzz that both romanced each other. When asked with Surveen Chawla about Sreesanth’s arrest, she sai

‘We both were friends. But, now there is no link between us two.’

Also, she added that it is long since she spoke to Sreesanth. It is reported that police have planned quizzing Surveen Chawla.

Reports linked Lakshmi Rai with Sreesanth. Already, Lakshmi Rai was brand ambassador for Chennai Super Kings. Then, she was used to visiting the cricket ground and was used to participating in banquet thrown for cricketers.

Reports were released linking Lakshmi Rai with arrested cricketers. Lakshmi Rai is taken aback at the reports. Also, she has given explanation refuting the reports: -

‘There is no truth in reports linking me with cricketers. The reports give me pain. When the IPL cricket commenced, I was brand ambassador for Chennai Super Kings. Now, I have no link with cricket teams. As director Priyadarshan invited, I participated in event in which cricketers participated.’

Now, photographs revealing intimacy between Lakshmi Rai and Sreesanth are spreading in internet. Sreesanth and Lakshmi Rai are seen posing for photographs hugging each other.


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