What is it about 'Marudhanayagam' now?

Marudhanayagam Movie Stills (3)
There is some news about Kamal Haasan’s much-awaited Marudhanayagam. “Marudhanayagam will blow everyone’s mind away once it releases just like the drum sequence in the classic film Chandralekha,” said Muthukumar, the photographer of the film.

Though it’s been 16 years the shoot for the film started, the ace photographer still remembers every experience he had while working for the mega budget film. The photographer recollected an incident where he made Kamal extremely furious. It was an action sequence where Kamal was getting chased by a couple of enemies and a few hounds. Kamal apparently goes up a hill and rolls down a huge rock and kills the hounds.

The photographer, who had to capture every moment, was so engrossed in his work that he forgot to capture an important scene. Kamal, in turn, seems to have asked the photographer to do his job well.


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