Kajal refuses to promote 'All in All Azhagu Raja'

Kajal Aggarwal All in All Azhagu Raja’s promotions
Kajal Aggarwal’s presence in All in All Azhagu Raja has added more weightage to the movie, but her absence from promotions will affect the project to some extent.

We are in a time where promotional activities play an integral part in the film’s success and Kajal’s decision to skip might prove costly to the Karthi starrer Tamil movie.

According to sources, Kajal Aggarwal has refused to be part of All in All Azhagu Raja’s promotions. The exact reason for the Actress’ decision to skip the same is unknown. The movie bosses, who are not happy with her absence, are confused whether to file a complaint against her or to convince her to be part of the promotions.

Confirming the news, producer Gnananvel Raj has told a website that Kajal Aggarwal has refused to be part of the All in All Azhagu Raja’s promotional activities. The filmmaker believes that it is the prime duty of any actress to promote the movie as it will help the movie to reach the large audience.

Meanwhile, sources have denied the doubts on rift between the movie bosses and the actress. Kajal Aggarwal’s busy schedule seems to be the reason behind her absence in the promotions.


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