Santhanam's so called 'comedy' irks women!

Santhanam's so called 'comedy' irks women! 
Santhanam, is behind the clouds giving way for more opportunities to the second line comedians. Also called , the comedy super star of Tamil Cinema is getting adverse remarks recently for few shots in his recent movies.

Reports say that the comedian is abusing women which is not admirable and caused a serious impact on comedy lovers.

Director K. Rajan in his recent talk, has commented Santhanam for his so called "Comedy" which really hurts people especially women . He cited few examples which confirmed his act in the movies such as "Saguni" and the upcoming movie "Endrendrum Punnagai" has proved to be the pitch of awkwardness.

One such instance in the movie is a girl who informs her boss that she has to reach home by five ten (5:10), the boss replies, you are too fast, you will really go for five hundreds and thousands which is understood in other sense really questions the comedian for such kind of intention especially on women.

Comedy is meant to chill out and not to exasperate, Hope to see a change.


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