Sarika excited about her daughter Akshara

Daughter Akshara and Sarika
Veteran actress Sarika is excited about her younger daughter Akshara Hassan’s acting debut. But the star mom doesn’t want to share any tips with her as she believes the latter should find her own way.
Sarika told IANS, “Every generation has its own working style. We can share with them what we like about cinema because I don’t know anything else.

I only know cinema, so I can share that. But I must let my daughter find her own way because it will be different.” She added, “I am not nervous. I am very excited. I am very glad and thankful and it’s a good time. Both my girls are okay and somewhere I feel like now things are fine. They will have their own share of success and failure, but that doesn’t matter.” Akshara will be launched by director R Balakrishnan, popularly called R Balki. The movie will also feature Dhanush. Sarika says she and her children discuss everything about each other’s projects.

“We discuss everything about each other’s career. It’s very exciting for us to do that,” said Sarika, whose elder daughter Shruti Hassan is appreciated for her acting and singing skills in the film industry. The former wife of veteran actor Kamal Hassan believes men have more options in the film industry. She says women are mostly offered “relationship roles”. “We would like to believe that we are ready for change in roles offered to women, but we are not.

Whenever filmmakers come to us they give relationship roles and if the film needs a twist, they introduce a sister or an item girl,” said Sarika. “We are not treated as individuals as much as we should be. Not that it doesn’t happen, but it’s very less compared to what male actors get. I feel male actors are so lucky,” she added.


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