‘Lucia’ Tamil remake undergoes changes

‘Lucia’ Tamil remake undergoes changes
The Tamil remake of ‘Lucia’ will have a few changes to suit the sensibilities of the local audience, says its director Prasad Marar.

The yet-untitled remake features southern actor Siddharth in the lead. “We have already started shooting. The film will undergo minor changes for the local audience. I loved ‘Lucia’ and therefore, I have a bigger responsibility of doing justice to it (its remake). We plan to complete the film in one long schedule,” said Prasad.

Producer C.V. Kumar, known for movies such as ‘Soodhu Kavvum’ and ‘Pizza’, is producing the remake.

“He’s a creative producer and working with him is a delight for every director. He gives a lot of freedom and is ready to discuss and come to a consensus over any idea or issue. I’m extremely lucky to be making a directorial debut under his production house,” he said.

Kannada actress Deepa Sannidhi is making her Tamil debut with the film. ‘ Lucia’, an independent film, was liked by critics and the audience alike. It was one of the highest grossing Kannada films of last year in terms of return on investment.


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