Director Vijay, Arya to team up again

Director Vijay and actor Arya
It looks like director Vijay and actor Arya are to work together again on a film. The two first came together for the critically-acclaimed Madrassapattinam.

Says a source close to the director, “Director Vijay and actor Arya, who are good friends, have always been wanting to work together on a film ever since they did Madrassapattinam. Now, the two have allocated time for the project. So, once Arya finishes his present commitments, he will do a film with Vijay.”

The film, the source points out, will be a love story. But will it be a historical like Madrassapattinam? “That is something we do not know at the moment,” says the source who however goes on to confirm that the technical team for this film will include some of director Vijay’s favourite technicians.

“G V Prakash will be the music director for the film, while cinematography will be by Nirav Shah,” the source informs. Interestingly, G V and Nirav Shah were part of Madrassapattinam too.

When Times of India got in touch with director Vijay, he politely refused to divulge details of the project. The director said, “It’s too early to talk about this project.”


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