Soori has a different way to be the hero

For many comedians, the natural progression at some point in their successful careers is to make an attempt at crossing over to become the lead hero, but amidst his growing popularity Parotta Soori has a different agenda.

Talking to us from the sets of his new film alongside Vemal, director Kannan's Oru Oorla Rendu Raja, Soori gives his take on playing a hero.

"I keep getting offers as hero. Around 10-15 directors have approached me to play a hero in their film. I don't want that. I want to establish myself as a comedian. Let me first scale this stage now. Audiences respect my work and have kept me in good position now. There are so many ways to make them laugh and let me continue to do this.

In a 50 over cricket match, Dhoni or Sachin may not have performed but the man who strikes 65 runs in the last few overs will be the talking point. For that match, HE is the hero. In a same way, in a film, when I score the maximum, I will stay in the mind of audience and I will be the hero. When someone says, "You can go to the film for Soori's comedy", I become the hero there. That is enough for me. "


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