Arya’s Meaghamann on full swing, on its final leg

We have a detailed set of updates on Arya’s Meaghamann directed by the promising Magizh Thirumeni. The filming of the movie is done and the post production is going on in full swing now.
The director will be busy with the movie’s edits over the course of the month, as the movie is getting ready for its release.

The film will totally feature just 3 songs, with one of them being a recurring theme track. A film with just this number of songs promises to be free from needless distractions for the viewing audience. Based on the response to the music, which has been released today, a few singles such as unplugged and remix versions may be released later. The theatrical trailer can also be expected soon while song-based short teasers are already on-air.

The producers would be taking a call on the movie’s release once the post production is wrapped up.


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