Lingusamy gets trolled in social network

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The Anjaan director became the butt of jokes on social media.

Anjaan may have had the biggest box opening in Suriya’s career but the tale of woes continues for its director. Director Lingusamy has been widely criticised for the film on social media and now trolls have taken it a step further.

In an interview to a leading Tamil TV channel, Lingusamy had made certain comments regarding the film prior to the release. He had stated that he has ‘tuned’ himself to the script (naan appidiye tune aayirukein) and that he applied all that he has learnt in these years of cinema in Anjaan (KathuKita Motha Vithayum Erakirkein). Tons of memes have appeared based on these two statements and over the weekend trolls had a blast tweeting them. With the tag #kathukitaMothaVithayumEraku, twitter was flooded with people making fun of the director for what he had said – since the end product was a failure.

Some troll went a step further and even modified Lingusamy’s Wikipedia page to include these statements and another one put up a picture saying that the terms ‘tune aayirukein’ and ‘kathukita Motha Vithayum Eraku’ were now even in Urban Dictionary thanks to Lingusamy! ROFL is all we can say!

Here are the Original Interview of Anjaan Director Lingusamy

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