Raai Laxmi taking rice bucket challenge

Raai Laxmi
The ice bucket challenge might have given rise to several other indigenous challenges, but there’s only one challenge that actress Raai Laxmi is interested in and has willingly taken up. Wondering what that is? Well, it is the rice bucket challenge.

Says the actress, “I like to take up challenges through which I can directly help someone, and the rice bucket challenge suits me just fine. I have already done it once before. I donated buckets of rice as part of the challenge. However, I couldn’t do more as I was in a hurry and had to leave for Malaysia. Now, I intend to go to the slums in Mumbai and donate buckets of rice as part of the challenge.”

Meanwhile, the actress, who has been doing both Malayalam and Tamil films, has couple of interesting Tamil films, including Lawrence’s Oru Ticketla Rendu Cinema.

Talking about them, she says, “I have always been getting good roles in the Malayalam film industry. Now, I am getting the girl-next-door kind of roles, even in Tamil. I am happy about the way things are shaping up.”


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