‘Poojai’ Team on a 'Thanksgiving' tour

Vishal's Poojai which was released for Diwali is doing well at the box office all over Tamil Nadu. So Vishal, Hari and Soori are on tour of various towns in Tamil Nadu to express their gratitude for the success of the movie.

Yesterday, they stopped at Guru Theater in Madurai during the noon show. Vishal thanked his fans and said he dedicated the success of Poojai to them. He didn’t want to thank them on TV from Chennai, but wanted to come in person to different cities and thank them.

He also said when his next movie Aambala releases for Pongal, he would do the same again. Actor Soori who is from Madurai also thanked the fans for the success of Poojai which he said was bigger than their earlier combination, Pandiya Naadu.


  1. India masala panathukku India alauttal
    Adults only watchable
    Very ordinary movie with lot of violence
    If it is hit it is fate of TN


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