KTV's Rajini Birthday Special - 'Ulagam Engum Rajini'

Ulagam engum
KTV, the exclusive 24-hour Tamil movie channel from Sun TV network has been catering to Tamil movie lovers across the globe for the last 13 years.

As a way of honouring the Tamil film industry including actors and technicians across categories, KTV over the years, has taken initiatives to celebrate their birthdays through special gestures.

For the first time ever in television history, KTV has come up with an initiative to invite fans of Rajinikanth from across the world to wish the ‘Superstar’ on his birthday. Rajinikanth as we all agree in unison, is a phenomenon, so much that he has fans from across the globe and whose birthday is celebrated by people right from Tamilnadu to Tokyo to Timbuktu.

The ardent fans of Rajinikanth have personally filmed their wishes in popular landmarks of their respective cities / States with such exuberant fervor including Eiffel Tower - Paris; Times Square - New York; in front of the NASA Centre - Houston, Texas; in a Sai Baba Temple in Texas, Independence Monument – Uganda; Hobart Bridge – Sydney and Mt. Rigi Kulm – Switzerland.

While wishes have been shot at 35 varied destinations around the globe, it is interesting to note that for the first time such a video for a Tamil television channel has been shot at East Africa. And some unique wishes were in the following languages – Swahili, Japanese, Italian, Polish, Ukrainian, Moldovan and Georgian.

KTV will feature the wishes throughout the day on 12.12.2014. At 7 Pm, there will be an exclusive Rajinikanth Birthday Special show titled “Ulagam Engum Rajini”.

The highlighted segments of this special show – Ulagam Engum Rajini are as follows:

1) Exclusive video of a couple of Rajinikanth fans in Tokyo, who drive an Indian Auto rickshaw in the streets of Tokyo wishing the Superstar …in Tamil.

2) Fans from Osaka, Japan, have sung a famous foot-tapping number of Rajinikanth and have also spoken in impeccable Tamil along with some of his famous movie dialogues.

In addition to this, the episode would carry wishes from his fans from various parts of the world including



Hong Kong










New York









Some of the promo links of their sheer love and admiration for Superstar are given below:

Osaka, Japan - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DAkde24R_TU

France - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RhJKsope1T4

USA - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sP445lMoXFI

Sydney, Australia - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JcgicBj-84c

Georgia, Russia - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aKlMYwEtFaY

The episode will feature hearty wishes from celebrities of the Tamil film industry as well.

Tune in to KTV on 12.12.2014 where all the Rajinikanth fans from across the globe come together to wish the Superstar a fantabulous birthday.

All the Rajini fans, don’t you miss the chance!


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