Samantha talks about her demand for Salary hike

Actress Samantha while acting in the films Anjaan and Kaththi did not demand more salary. Now there is news that she is demanding a salary of Rs 2 Crores.

When asked her about this, she said, “ In those days people use to come to the theatres to see the actors. Now they are also coming to see the actresses.

Youngsters come to the theatre to enjoy the glamour of the actresses. So we have also become equivalent to actors. That is the reason I am demanding more salary.

Moreover as far as I am concerned I don’t demand more if I am acting in a performance oriented role. I try to take less salary. I will reduce my salary even more if I am given a heroine centred role.

Those kinds of roles give me immense satisfaction. At the same I don the glamorous roles for the sake of others. I don’t get any satisfaction for this. If I act in a fully commercial oriented role, I will demand more salary.”

“I am in demand among producers and directors and there is nothing wrong in charging as fee what I feel is right; in fact, when the producers are willing to cough up the money, why should others bother about it? In films, prominence is invariably attached to heroes and the script is also made to revolve around them. Heroines are equally important, I feel; fans flock to theatres to watch us in films.”

“Therefore, we are also important and shouldn’t be considered any less important as compared to the heroes and directors. Criticism is always made about the fee of heroines but not the fee of heroes and directors. If a heroine is in demand, she gets what she wants or demands; otherwise, she doesn’t: this is a simple fact and a reality. As such, there is nothing wrong in hiking fee per film demanding on the market of the heroine at that particular point of time. In my case, making money is not my only objective in life. In fact, if the script is too good, I’m ready to even to star in it without taking any money,” she added.


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