Shankar brings Rajinikanth & Aishwarya Rai again

 Rajinikanth & Aishwarya Rai again for Endhiran 2
Enthiran is a super hit high budgeted film which had the combination of Rajini and Shankar. This film was released in the year 2010.

Aishwarya Rai had paired with Rajini in the film. This film yielded great profits.

At this juncture, Shankar is taking great efforts to direct the 2nd part of Enthiran. Shankar has decided to cast Rajinikanth in the second part also. Rajini and Shankar are currently discussing about this project.

In the first part, Aishwarya Rai donned the female lead role and after this she kept away from acting because of her pregnancy. So Shankar decided to cast some other actress. At this juncture, Aishwarya Rai has taken up acting again.

Now Shankar has decided to cast Aishwarya Rain the female lead role. Moreover Shankar wanted this film to be a great hit in Hindi also. Hence he has decided to cast Amir Khan as second hero. The official announcement with regard to this is expected any moment.


  1. Our request to Honurable Mr. Shankar, as a dedicated fan of yours, please don't put Mr. RanjiKanth for ENTHIRAN 2, since we are tired of his style, please put other star powers like Mr. Ajit Kumar or even Abhishek Bachan with Ms. Aiswariya Rai Bachan. For sure, NOT MR. RAJINI KANTH and he potentially will take all the credits for "all other star powers" and yours.... In our view, Mr. Rajini Kanth should, not romance.....OH GOD..... in our view, it's unbearable any more.

    1. mr. anonymous.. y cant u lead the movie if you are free ?

    2. :fear: Oh no!!!

  2. Enthiran 1 was hit and major profit collected movie because of Rajinikanth vibe or else movie would have still been a hit but not at that great numbers in making money around the globe


    20% additional contributions due to Hon. Aiswariya Rai's star power + 10% contributions due to Mr. Rajini Kanth (people feels, his star power on decreasing trend).

  4. People think; Mr.Shivaji Rao (@ birth state he claimed he was a bus conductor) choosed to become (covert) Tamilian by changing his name to Rajini Kanth, and since then his (brought up mother state) Tamil Nadu gave him the good life.

    Also, people think; Mr. Rajini Kanth married beautiful Tamilian who was his mentor and life line supporter.

    People think; when every actor gets OLD, and needs to take roles that is appriopriate to their age.

  5. Q. People think, and it was published on media;
    IF Mr. Rajini Kanth has vibe, then why Kochidiyan movie became a "flop"?

    People think; You need Hon. Shankar's (Great Tamilian) brain to be successful.

  6. Tamils contribution to India:
    Hon Aswin Ravichandran, Hon. Murali Vijay (currently active players)
    CHESS: Anand

    Science & Defence:
    Rt. Hon. Dr. Abdul Kalam, former president of India.
    - Invention of Indegeneous Missile
    - Invention of E-MAIL

    Tamilians are small in population, but big contributors to India & World's contructive activities.

  7. Hon. Vikram is the best Tamilian actor who is very humble as well. We salutue you sir from around the world

    You are the Top Super Star, and truly respected by North to South in India, and all Western world tamil communities.


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