AR Rahman writing and producing a Hindi flick, regrets composing 'Lingaa'

The song 'Mental Manadhil',which was sung by AR.Rahman which he co-wrote with Maniratnam is playing on many peoples lips.

After standing as an lyricist, he is writing a screenplay and and also producing a Hindi flick which is let to be titled.

Rahman said in an interview with a leading English daily that," he is writing and producing because he finds that today’s Indian films are dictated by commercialism and he hopes to fill the void by his growth as an artiste".

"I want to see if my growth as an artiste can fill the void that I feel is missing in India. Mostly, our industry is driven by what’s going to click commercially. When something clicks, it is replicated. Very few people do it for the art. I do not want to be both — I want to find that balance between what people like and the lost flavour in our music. I’ve been working on it for four years to see if we’ve covered it in all aspects. ", he said.

Also A.R.Rahman answers for the criticism for his substandard music score for Super Star Rajinikanth's 'Lingaa' and he admitted that he shouldn't have worked for the film.

"I worked for too many films last year and it was a big mistake. I shouldn't have done some of them. There was intense pressure on our team as we have to meet deadlines. We had tiring and sleepless nights. The film was scheduled for a release on Super Star's birthday and we had to meet the deadline. We had to work simultaneously for 'Kaaviya Thalaivan'. Everyone knows what happened regarding 'Lingaa'", A.R.Rahman is quoted as saying.

He is working for this project for past four years and his upcoming film in Tamil is said to be '24' and he is also doing Irahian directed by Majid Majili’s ‘Muhamed’.


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