Kamal Haasan wants to rewrite the script for 'Marudhanayagam'

We all know that Kamal Haasan's dream project is 'Marudhanayagam', which was started in 1997 with a grand launch by Queen Elizabeth.

A few years ago, Kamal Haasan released a song with the visuals he had, but later put in cold storage for several years due to financial crises. Every now and then there have been reports that star actor is going to resurrect the making of the film.

When Kamal Haasan was asked on his dream film Marudhanayagam a year ago in October, he had answered that he is likewise eager to bring out the film, just that he won't be acting in the film. He has said the the film might come with another person acting in it, since he is actively into politics and wants to serve public.

Meanwhile, in a live interaction today with Vijay Sethupathi on a popular YouTube channel, Kamal Haasan was yet again questioned about his dream period drama Marudhanayagam. This time Ulaganayagan has given us yet another new twist too. He revealed that all he needed to revive the film was money and also that he needs to modify the script if he has to play in it, because when he wrote the script for Marudhanayagam, it was penned with a 40 year old in mind. Otherwise another actor will have to act in the film provided he gets the funds to revive the project.

'Marudhanayagam' is period film, which revolves around the life of the 18th century warrior Mohammad Yusuf Khan, was planned to release in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and English. Though the film kick-started in 1997, it was shelved due to various reasons.

Kamal Haasan also revealed that he had written a ballad of sorts titled Chinna Kansa. It is based on demon Kansa (also called as Kamsa), uncle of Lord Krishna. He added, "Chinna Kansa is about the happenings after his death. A story like this would be easy and quick to make, unlike Marudhanayagam."

Kamal Haasan was actively working for director Shankar's Indian 2 before the government imposed a nationwide lockdown. He also have signed another film titled Thalaivan Irukkindran, which is said to be a sequel to the actor's super hit film, Thevar Magan.


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