Sameera Reddy talks about her motherhood during this pandemic

Sameera Reddy Family
Actress Sameera Reddy who acted in movies like Vaaranam Aayiram, Aasal, Vedi and Vettai is a mother of two, says she understands what it takes to be a new mother, especially during this difficult time.

Reddy married Akshai Varde, an entrepreneur on 2014 and gave birth to Hans in 2015 and welcomed Nyra, baby girl, in July last year.

"Every time I look at my baby girl, I feel a sense of joy and optimism. There are so many stories that I will be telling her about the unconditional love and efforts that doctors, nurses, police forces, and the community at large are putting in to ensure our safety and protection," she said.

"I understand what it takes to be a new mother, especially during this time. I have always championed that we mothers are imperfectly perfect --- the ups and downs, constant worry, disconnection, these feelings are normal and I am confident that we will come out stronger," she added.
Sameera Reddy Family
Diapers brand Pampers'' new film "#WelcomeToTheWorld" struck a chord with her.

"There is so much beauty and love present in our world today. This is the start of something new and truly is the best time to be born," said Sameera.

Building on the insight that no matter the uncertainty that surrounds her, a mother is engulfed with hope and a deep sense of positivity when she holds her baby for the very first time, the film shares a mother''s wish for her child during this time of uncertainty.

This film hopes to spread a ray of reassurance that babies are being born into a world that is filled with love, courage, and unity.


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