Bigg Boss Julie's recent photoshoot; you can't believe it's her

Bigg Boss fame Julie's latest photo-shoot pictures. Julie completely transformed and nearly unrecognizable in the saree pictures.
Bigg Boss Julie's recent photoshoot
Julie was initially known for participating in the Jallikattu protests in Tamil Nadu in which she was raising slogans against the ruling party. At the time, netizens celebrated her as 'Veera Tamizhachi'.

The media mileage got her an opportunity to participate as one of the contestant in the first season of reality show 'Bigg Boss' hosted by Kamal Haasan. However, the actress received backlash for her actions in the show and ended up becoming a victim of constant trolls.

Julie later hosted the show ‘Odi Vilayadu Paapa’ and currently busy with her acting career. Though signed on to play the lead in a few films, none saw the light of the day other than her cameos in 'Maappillai Singam' and 'Naan Sirithaal'.

Recently, one of her photoshoots in saree went viral in which she is nearly unreconisable in the pictures she shared on her Twitter handle.
Bigg Boss Julie's recent pictures

Bigg Boss Julie's recent pictures

Julie who was a nurse by profession before entering Bigg Boss, recently when a social media asked her why she was not practising nursing she had replied "Everyone asks me this...I am into acting now..Nursing is a holy profession that needs full dedication..It is not possible to do nursing like other jobs as a freelancer...And handling two jobs at the same time is difficult coz shoots may make us go late for work and patients would be waiting...I cannot risk patients life."

Julie recently shared that she has been certified by US-based Florida Board of Nursing that she has pursued studies and completed all requirements to work in Post Acute Care of coronavirus (COVID 19)' patients.


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