Kushboo's daughter Ananditha's shocking transformation

Kushboo - Sundar C's daughter Ananditha joins the list of young celebrities who shed their weight for debuting movies.
Kushboo's daughter Ananditha's shocking transformation
Kushboo, the famous South Indian actress who ruled the cinema industry in the 90s, fell in love with director Sundar C and got married to him, and has two daughters - Avantika and Anandita.

The bubbly actress daughters are plus-sized since they were young, however, Kushboo's younger daughter Ananditha goes to a great extent to transform her body by shedding all the extra weight.

Ananditha posted her pictures on the photo sharing app, Instagram and it went viral. Kushboo commented on the picture saying "I am so proud of you Bommai. Your transformation inspires millions. I see a very young mind ready to take the world by storm. Your determination to achieve what you aspire will take you through your journey. But you are my laddoo n i will eat up your cheeks every eve as always..❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤".

It is quite evident that Anandita Sundar has worked harder to achieve this amazing transformation. Ananditha looks gorgeous like her mother and following her post many are speculating that she will be debuting in cinema soon.

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