Oviya says she is single, replies 'F**k Off' to a leading star fan

Actress Oviya who brought TRP for the Bigg Boss Season 1 reality show is still favourite contestant among the audiences.

The makers completed another 2 seasons in last two years, every contestants coming into the house dreams to get fame like her. Audiences keeps her as standard and compares other contestants against her.

Oviya connects with her fans on and off using her social media accounts. The actress recently took time to chat with her fans on twitter by posting 'What's happening?". Oviya fans used this as an opportunity to talk to her about her personal life, relationship and social issues opinion.

One of her fan questioned how she managed to get such a huge fan following even not active in film industry. The actress said she doesn't see anyone as her fans. Some people like her and a few hate her, there is no such term called 'fans'. "I'm not a narcissist to fool ppl in the name of fans! If u like me u like me if u hate me u hate me. Its dat simple", tweeted Oviya.

Another fan asked her, "Next release movie or marriage?" The actress replied that marriage is not on her list as of now. She also admitted that she's single, to another fan.

When Ajith fan tried to drag Oviya into Ajith vs Vijay fan war, immediately she said "F**k off". When asked about her favourite contestants of Bigg Boss, She named herself as the best contestant.

One her fans asked her, "Long time no tweets Oviya. Will you raise your voice on social issues going forward?" To this she replied, "No .. unless I get some power to screw the real culprits.. I dnt do drama in real life !"

On her career front, Oviya said that she is acting in a couple of web series. When talking about her school and college life, the actress said that she wasted her time and money.

Oviya was in love with her fellow contestant Aarav, who won the Bigg Boss Season 1 title. Aarav admitted that he kissed the actress in the house. Post Bigg Boss, they were also spotted together on several occasions. However, things didn't turn out well for them.


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