'Vanitha yet to know my dad's true colours', says Peter Paul's son

Peter Paul's son says Vanitha
Vanitha Vijayakumar has been in the news ever since she announced her marriage with VFX director Peter Paul. Though kith and kin are happy for her new marriage, post-wedding, the marriage is on the news for all the wrong reasons now starting with Peter’s first wife making a police complaint.

Now Peter - Elizabeth Helen’s older child, college-going son, John Edwards talks about his dad in an video interview with a web portal. He claims that his dad is not a teetotaller as Vanitha is claiming. He said his father has been admitted in a rehabilitation centre, ever since they moved with their maternal grand monther about four/five years ago, he even tried to escape from the centre by climbing a wall and suffered injuries.

When asked about his dad's second marriage, he said, "The day before media started spreading the news about my dad’s wedding with Vanitha, I had been to my father’s office to see him. That’s when he told me that someone has printed a fake wedding invitation and asked me and my mother to not believe it. The next day when the media started carrying news about the wedding, my mother asked me to check with my father, I told her it's fake trusting the words of my father and Vanitha akka. Then my uncle scolded told me that Vanitha has given an official statement about the wedding and how can I claim it to be fake. Then I called my dad to clarify the issue. He said he will come home and clarify the issue. Then he came home spoke to my grandmother who asked 10 lakhs rupees and her jewels’ money he owe to her, which my dad kept for a mortgage but my mother did not agree to that."

He added that his mother stopped talking to his dad after knowing his affair with a woman while she was pregnant with his second baby. He recalled that his younger sister was hardly two years, hardly remembers how his dad comes home fully drunk, asking his opinion about replacing his mother with a new aunty.

He said that his dad’s affairs are nothing new to him, as he used to have flings with people wherever he worked. He added that he had gone to Vanitha’s house along with his dad one evening and had dinner at her place. He said that he has been considering Vanitha’s younger daughter as his sister and used to exchange messages, and recently memes.

The youngster said "Vanitha doesn’t know my dad’s past, that’s why she calls him a teetotaler. My sister and I have been in touch with my father during these 5 years period, only my mother didn’t have a healthy relationship with him because she was angry with him which in my opinion, she is entitled to be that way for the kind of things my dad did.

John Edwards finished saying - “My dad is very affectionate, he is very talented and skilful. To say about his negatives, I would say, addiction to drinks and adultery. Apart from that, he lies a lot. I am still very much angry with my father but my love for him never changes.


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