Ka Pae Ranasingam (2020) - Movie Review

Check out the critics review of Ka Pae Ranasingam (2020) which has Vijay Sethupathi and Aishwarya Rajesh in lead role. Watch it on DTH or Zee5 with ZeePlex.
Ka Pae Ranasingam (2020) - Movie Review
Vijay Sethupathi and Aishwarya Rajesh starrer 'Ka Pae Ranasingam' is the first of it's kind that released on pay-per-view basis today on various DTH platforms and Zee Plex.

Movie watchers can visit the URL link https://www.kprmovie.com through which one can select the platform and book tickets to watch the film on their television, laptop and mobile devices.

Single person to a group of friends or family can watch the film at the cost of 199 rupees. The entire industry is closely observing the reach of 'Ka Pae Ranasingam' on the newly launched platform. 'Ka Pae Ranasingam' on Zee Plex may start a new era of pay-per-view or it may turn out to be lessons learned. Based on the reception of the movie, other movie makers can decide the fate of their unreleased movies as the theatres are still closed.

Produced by KJR Studios, debutant Virumandi has directed the film which also has Arunraja Kamaraj, Rangaraj Pandey, and Shanumgam Muthuswamy in pivotal characters.


Ariyanachi (Aishwarya Rajesh) in Ka Pae Ranasingam fights for her husband, Ranasingam (Vijay Sethupathi)'s dead body to be brought back from the Dubai, where he went for work. But to bring his body back, she needs to prove that she is his wife.

Ariyanachi has no legal document to prove that she is Ranasingam's wife, because theirs was a marriage arranged by their families and happened in extraordinary circumstances, in the presence of both the families. And even as she is shunted between various government departments, she learns that Ranasingam's death did not happen according to the official version given to her by the government. This complicates the issue further because now, getting the body back involves diplomacy at the highest levels of the government. Can this lone, determined woman get what is her right?


Despite the length and the melodramatic treatment, Ka Pae Ranasingam has its heart in the right place and highlights several issues at once with memorable performances from Aishwarya Rajesh and Vijay Sethupathi.
3 / 5 ()
Well-meaning drama that is also quite overlong. Three hours, the film is an exhausting watch. Aishwarya Rajesh's forceful performance, which delicately balances Vulnerability and fiestiness.
3 / 5 M Suganth ()
A sketchy pay-per-view film. Ka Pae Ranasingam is a sharp commentary on the shortcomings of a functional democracy, can indeed be some experience. Director's writing (dialogues) is razor sharp in places.
Pradeep Kumar ()
The end note leaves your throat dry with a shock, but the length of the movie plays spoilsport; Director Virumandi takes up a completely new novel concept and explores the deep rooted problems around the society which is rarely looked upon.
3 / 5 ()
Aishwarya Rajesh shines in this biting political drama. Virumandi creates an engrossing ambience that gives you a sense of having lived through the struggles of Ramanathapuram natives.
3.5 / 5 Manoj Kumar ()


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