Vijay not in talking terms with his dad SA Chandrasekhar, says Shobha Chandrasekhar

Vijay not in talking terms with his dad S.A. Chandrasekhar, says Shobha Chandrasekhar
On Thursday, Thalapathy Vijay's dad S.A. Chandrasekhar had registered Vijay Makkal Iyakkam as a political party called All India Thalapathy Vijay Makkal Iyakkam with the Election Commission of India. This led to buzz surrounding Vijay’s foray into politics.

Vijay released a strongly-worded statement through his PRO asking his fans to not join the party just because it was founded by his father and made it clear that he is in no way related to the party or its activities.

Meeting the press today to clarify his stance, SAC said he started the party to make Vijay's fans feel upbeat. "Vijay's people movement was started in 1993. It isn't an entirely new organisation. What started as a chain of fan clubs got transformed into a people's movement in later days. I felt the time was right to convert it into a political party and that this decision would make Vijay's fans feel upbeat and give them a sense of recognition."

Asked why Vijay had to warn his father of legal action if he was aware of the happenings, SAC said, "Well, that was just his personal statement." Instead of explaining the goal of the party, the filmmaker kept insisting that he does not have time to explain it. "I can only talk about this in a one-on-one conversation. I cannot explain this in front of a crowd."

Chandrasekhar today refused to answer any questions by the press. He ended the press meet saying, "I started this initiative with a noble intention. I hope only good things will come out of this."

It was said that an unknown person has been named as the party President while SAC is the General Secretary and Shobha Chandrasekhar is the treasurer.

Shobha Chandrasekhar has now given a shocking statement that she is no longer the treasurer of the SAC party and that her husband misled her that he is starting an association and got her to sign. She has added that she refused to sign when the second time he told her that it is a political party.

Shobha has further confirmed rumours that Vijay is not on talking terms with his father SAC since he had repeatedly asked him not to indulge in politics using his name and when he did not listen.

Sobha said that though Vijay has been asking his dad to keep mum on topics related to his political entry, SAC has been going ahead with media interactions and registering a political party. Hence she said that Vijay has stopped talking to his dad. For a question on whether Vijay will make a political entry in the future, she said that only Vijay could answer that.

SAC has lost the major support of his wife and son in his poltical move and it has created a big buzz in Kollywood and the political arena.

In the meantime, SAC has said that it’s not Vijay’s political party, and he has nothing to do with it. He said that he and Vijay are not enemies but Vijay he is his son, and he is a huge fan of actor Vijay. SAC mentioned that he didn’t ask Vijay’s permission to start a fans’ association, and similarly he doesn’t want Vijay’s permission to register a political party.

It was SAC who introduced Vijay and played a major role in propelling him to a star of the current stature. SAC has always been vocal about his wish—to make his son a politician, using his fan base.


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