Osthe / Osthi Movie Online Review
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Movie : Osthi Producer : Mohan Apparao, T. Ramesh Screenplay : Dileep Shukla, S. Dharani Story : Dileep Shukla, Abhinav Kashyap Star Ca...

Osthe / Osthi Movie Online Review

Movie : Osthi Producer : Mohan Apparao, T. Ramesh Screenplay : Dileep Shukla, S. Dharani Story : Dileep Shukla, Abhinav Kashyap Star Ca...

Osthe / Osthi Online Movie Review
Movie: Osthi
Producer: Mohan Apparao, T. Ramesh
Screenplay: Dileep Shukla, S. Dharani
Story: Dileep Shukla, Abhinav Kashyap
Star Cast : Simbu, Githan Ramesh, Richa Gangopadhyay, Sonu Sood, Saranya Mohan, Santhanam, Ganesh, Nassar, Revathi, Vijayakumar, Mayilsamy, Thambi Ramaiah, Mallika Sherawat
Direction : Dharani
Music : Thaman
Cinematography:    Gopinath
Editing: V.T Vijayan
Studio:    Balaji Real Media
Distributor: Reliance Entertainment

What you have seen so far, is gusthi fight. From now on, it's osthi fight!' Cue for the film's superman, Tamil Nadu police Osthe Velan (Simbhu, or STR as he now styles himself) to promptly send any number of goons packing.

Also, cue for him to suddenly run full-tilt into an introductory song in the fashion of the best masala films, with every single cliché in glorious evidence: the stupid cop sidekicks, the villain, also with a bunch of sidekicks (and, it must be admitted, who looks vastly more handsome than the hero himself), the pretty heroine who walks about in impossibly low-cut blouses and revealing saris; mother-father sentiments with a step-sibling thrown in for good measure -- the list is endless.

And yet, Osthe, the Tamil remake of Hindi's blockbuster Dabangg doesn't really carry out the promise the way its original did. You wonder where exactly the problem lies, in this Balaji Real Media Pvt Ltd version directed by potboiler expert Dharani.

Osthe starts out, like every self-respecting commercial entertainer, with a flashback: Velan and Balan are step-brothers, with their own issues at home. Subbiah (Nasser) favours his own son, born to his wife (Revathy), while she tries, in vain, to reconcile her firstborn Velan to her second, all to no avail. The problems continue all the way to adulthood: Subbiah's oil-mill isn't doing well; son Balan (Jithan Ramesh) is now a ne'er-do-well, while Velan has grown into a dashing police-officer.

And of course, Velan does his best to rule Kattuppakkam, in the Thirunelveli district, in his own way: he delivers a sort of rough-and-ready justice, and pretty soon, makes an enemy out of Boxer Daniel (Sonu Sood), who aims to make it big in politics. They clash -- again, and again, and again, and again -- until you're ready to tear your hair out in frustration.

Also, there's the romantic angle: Neduvali (Richa Gangopadhyay), who Velan meets in her hut and falls for, in seconds. In fact, it can safely be said that these are some of the very few moments that are actually engaging, in the film.

By this time, you realise exactly why Dabangg clicked, and Osthe barely engages your attention: the Hindi original carried its own brand of humour, even moments of subtlety, and was aware of what it was providing its viewers -- just the right brand of spice with Salman Khan's fantastic performance.

And while STR does do his flamboyant best, spouts punch dialogues by the dozen and dances with style -- there's a point when he steps from being Osthe Velan, the larger-than-life hero, to STR himself. The punch is missing; his presence doesn't carry as much weight. Dharani pulls out all stops and produces twists and turns, but they simply don't gel. The dialogues, spoken laboriously in the Nellai slang, actually make you squirm. Adding a 'la' after every sentence does not make it work.

Richa is supposedly a pretty village belle, and she is pretty -- which is all can be said of her blink-and-miss performance. Santhanam provides the requite one-liners which, somehow, don't really work, after the first one hour.

Sonu Sood is magnificent in his presence, and you feel he deserves more than being the eternal villain. Jithan Ramesh is rather colourless, and so is Saranya Mohan. On the other hand, it's not their fault, but the screenplay's.

Thaman's music is the right blend of sound and fury, and works for this entertainer -- but Kalasala, though it raises whistles, is no Munni Badnaam Hui. V T Vijayan's editing could have been better, while Gopinath's camera work, again, showcases its hero larger than life. Which is all that can be said of it. The art direction and costumes, frankly, remind you more of North India than Thirunelveli and fail the most.

Osthe may aim to deliver an exaggerated masala mix -- but that works only when subtlety also forms a part of the narrative. And there's definitely nothing even remotely subtle about this film. Films like these aren't really rare, here: every alternate movie is about superheroes that romance pretty girls and take on a hundred goons at once; they always win, always yell punch dialogues, respect their parents and live happily ever after.

Truth is -- there's absolutely nothing new. Osthe lacks the panache and quirkiness that made its original work.

Review 2

Dabanng was a sensational hit in Bollywood that set the cash registers ringing. Now all eyes are on Osthi, its Tamil remake, where STR plays the lead role enacted by Salman Khan in the original.Who said a police story had to predominantly revolve around an honest cop totting a gun fighting baddies with vigour. 

Osthi is the story of a Robinhoodesque cop who fights injustice in his own way. With Dharani of Ghilli, Dhool and Dhil fame wielding the megaphone, the movie begins with pace from the word go and the vim and vigour is prevalent all through.


It is a typical commercial cop story that we grew-up watching. A corrupt cop Osthi Velan (STR) fears for nothing. He robs from Peter and pays the Paul. More a man with Robinhood heart, Osthi Velan is man of style and substance. He has love-hate relationship with his half brother Balan (Jithan Ramesh). There is love for him in the form of  Neduvali (Richa Gangopadhyaya), daughter of a drunkard (VTV Ganesh). They get attracted to each other and fall for each other. There is an enemy to Osthi Velan in the form of Boxer Daniel (Sonu Sood). Both cross swords with each other. Osthi Velan's life has a doting mother (Revathy), a funny cop Selvam (Santhanam) around him.

Velan in his typical style fights the evil designs of Boxer Daniel. He rips off his shirt towards the climax to win over him in a battle. Eventually the commercial venture ends with victory for Osthi Velan and he holding the hands of his beau.


It is Simbu's special all the way. The multi-faceted actor has preferred to play to the gallery. He as Osthi Velan, a funny cop with his own antics is entertaining and energetic. He fights, dances, romances and preaches too in his imitable style. No way one can compare Simbhu's performance with that of Salman for STR has rendered it in his own style. His diction of Thirunelveli dialect is good. Especially when he rips his shirt towards the climax fighting Sonu Sood is a special treat for his fans. The young actor has impressed one and all.

Sonu Sood does what he did in the original. At places funny and at places a clichéd villain on Tamil screen, Sonu Sood leaves his impression in a movie which otherwise is occupied by STR's massive screen-presence. He unlike villains in other Tamil films, get a major share on screen and utilize the opportunity well. He gyrates and speaks from the bottom of his belly at places.

Richa Gangopadhyaya, who is in a fine form thanks to stupendous success of her recent release Mayakkam Enna, consolidates her place strongly with Osthi. As Neduvalli, who is in love with Osthi Velan, she is homely yet glamorous. Her expressions and emotions are apt and Dharani extracts the best from his heroine. Santhanam emerges true champ with his one-liners that tickles our funny-bones. He is at his crackling best and scenes involving him and Simbu bring the roof down with laughter. Jithan Ramesh enacts the role played by Arbaz Khan as step-brother of Osthi Velan. He gets a meaty role to play and there is romance for him too. He is energetic too onscreen.

Dharani's choice of star cast is apt for the masala venture. The likes of  VTV Ganesh, Thambi Ramiah, Nasser, and Revathy add pep to the proceedings with a performance that is straight from their heart. The highlight being Bollywood sexy-siren Mallika Sherawat appearing for an item number equivalent to Munni Badnam.


Director Dharani and cinematographer Gopinath share an excellent rapport and the two proved their mettle in their earlier outings. Osthi is no different and the duo makes it an engrossing affair where the camera compliments the racy story line. The major fillip for the movie is S Thaman's exemplary music. The pacy and racy songs are the major plus for the movie. The songs especially the title song Osthi rendered by Baba Sehgal, STR's rendition of cute pondatti and Kalasala Kalasala makes everyone break loose.

Dharani's dialogues are crisp and Nellai Tamil fits the story well. Dharani has ensured that its racy commercial all through with no compromise. There are songs, fights, romance, comedy sequences and no dull moments all through.


An honest remake, Osthi is entertaining if you forget all logic and go inside cinema-hall for sheer joy, fun and entertainment. Dharani and  STR have pulled it off in style. Three cheers to Osthi team.

Review 3

Director Dharani is one of the masters of commercial cinema. Dabanng is a commercial blockbuster in Bollywood. Simbu is an actor who combines style and substance in Kollywood. What happens when the three come together? A heady cocktail of a mass masala entertainer is the end result. That is Osthi for you.

It is like been on a roller-coaster ride with fun, speed and style from the word go. More of a movie that we had seen in our growing up days, Osthi promises more of action at quick pace. But where Osthi breaks the grammar of commercial masala is that the male protoganist – the cop is not shown as an upright and a honest man. But still he has life in him. More of a ‘Robinhoodesque’ type, he is right there helping the needy and deserved most times. The male lead Osthi Velan is funny at times, witty at most times and stylish all the time.

After experimenting with movies like Vinnaithandi Varuvaya and Vaanam that carried lofty themes, comes Osthi from Simbhu’s kitty. In sharp contrast to his earlier outings, it is a stylish mass masala venture that may go down well with masses. What is interesting is that, Simbu seems to have done it with utmost joy as one would see a flash in his eyes whenever he utters a punchline or dance on screen.
Osthi Velan (STR) hogs all the limelight. He has romance, villains to fights, subordinates to make merry and family to emote. A tailor-made role for Simbu. A corrupt police officer, he helps the needy with the money he takes from influential men. There is one Boxer Daniel (Sonu Sood) crossing swords with him. Somehow, the two don’t see eye to eye. There is a growing enmity between them.

Osthi Velan lives life his own way and there is a half brother Balan (Jithan Ramesh) with whom he has an interesting rapport. Enters Neduvali (Richa Gangopadhyaya), daughter of a drunkard (VTV Ganesh).

Obviously romance blossoms between them. After singing some songs and shaking his legs for a mass number with Mallika Sherawat. Osthi Velan takes up his last weapon to end the on-going battle with Boxer Daniel. Watch out for Simbu flaunting his hard-earned six-pack abs in the climax.
The movie is certainly not for those who try to find logic in cinema. It is free-flowing, devoid of any sense. Dharani has ensured that if a movie is laced with mass elements at quick succession, half the battle is won. Thankfully Simbu translates his dreams well on screen.

Simbu rocks all the way. He gives a matured performance and serious about his task. He combines humour with style. Richa is refreshing and bubbles with enthusiasm. Sonu Sood recreates the Dabanng magic here. He enacted the same role in original with greater perfection. Santhanam’s rib-tickling comedy and enough screen space for Jithan Ramesh makes it count.

Dharani has ensured everyone in the film including Nasser, Revathy, Thambi Ramiah, Vaiyapuri or Mayilsamy gets a part to play. Thaman’s music gives a lift to the film. The pacy numbers are foot-tapping with cinematographer Gopinath capturing them in a grand manner.

Osthi is no serious film, but one that may end up entertaining you.

Review 4

Osthe is an upgraded version of masala movies of 70s and 80s era. To be precise, it is a old wine in new bottle, where the audience get to see the hero thrashing the baddies black and blue and proving that he is the undisputed king. Being a remake of Bollywood blockbuster Dabangg, the movie has been made with necessary changes to cater the Tamil audience. Read on for Osthe review.

Osthe Velan (Simbu), a cop, is corrupted but has an image of Robinhood – he is proud of it. He tries to make money at every given opportunity by hook or crook. Though, he is liked by the public, it is not the same at his home, as his father (Nassar) and elder brother (Githan Ramesh) hate him. The only person, who showers love upon him, is his mother, which is played by Revathi.

Velan falls in love with potter girl Neduvaali (Richa Gangopadhyay) but she is not ready to leave her drunkard father (Ganesh). However, after her father passes away, she ties the knot with him and this eventually troubles his relationship with his father and brother. On the other end, baddie played by Sonu Sood utilizes their family troubles for personal again, as he is a rival of Velan. The rest of the story is about their fight for one-upmanship.

Silambarasan's scorching presence is the major highlight of Osthe. His personality, his dialogue delivery in Thiruveneli dialect and his action scenes especially when he displays his chiseled body in the climax are the attracting features of the movie. Richa Gangopadhyay is excellent in her role. Her costumes and dressings sense should be praised. Her chemistry with Simbu works big time. Sonu Sood and Santhanam are good. Revathi, Jetham Ramesh and others have done justice to their roles. And Mallika Sherawat comes there to take you by storm!

In technical front, S Thaman's songs are good and his background has also blended with the flow. Gopinath's cinematography is good. Director Dharani has penned the screenplay to fit the taste of the native audience. However, there are quite a few errors but it will hardly bother the audience, if they are in with the flow.

Osthe has all the successful ingredients to keep you glued till the end. Simbu's energetic performance and the mass-masala story are enough to keep you entertained all through. The movie is loud, zany, larger-than-life but nonsensical. Nonetheless, entertainment is guaranteed.

Osthe Movie Review
Reviewed by The Cinema News on Dec 8.
Osthe / Osthi Online Movie Review, Rating
Osthi is no serious film, but one that may end up entertaining you.
Rating: 2.5

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