Mahesh Babu's fans tweet war againt Samantha and Siddharth; asks to get lost!

Hot alleged pair Samantha and Siddharth is making headlines again. And this time, it’s not for their romantic moves but indeed for suppos...

Hot alleged pair Samantha and Siddharth is making headlines again. And this time, it’s not for their romantic moves but indeed for supposedly expressing what they felt about Mahesh’s movie. Samantha is a good user of twitter and the lady pulled herself into troubles with derogatory comment on mahesh one movie.

A comment made by actress Samantha Ruth Prabhu on a picture of Mahesh Babu's upcoming movie 1: Nenokkadine has left the ardent followers of Prince red-faced. Upset with her statement, Mahesh Babu's fans are flooding tweets with a tag #GetLostSamanthaAndSiddharth on Twitter.

As per topsy.com, this hashtag has 11,000+ tweets in just five hours. They are also hurling their anger against Telugu actor Siddharth for supporting his girlfriend Sam. They say that the couple should quit the industry. It is said that Samantha made a derogatory comment about Mahesh Babu after seeing the below mentioned picture.
Mahesh Babu's fans attack Samantha, Sid
While Samantha didn't specify the film's title, on the other hand she hasn't denied it either publicly which caused the rage on high.

On her Twitter page, the actress tweeted, "Saw a poster of a yet to be released Telugu film.Not only is it deeply regressive,but it's point is actually that it is deeply regressive." Mahesh Babu's '1-Nenokkadine' poster has the heroine crawling behind the hero and he looking at her dismissingly.

The content of the poster makes one believe that Samantha's tweet could as well be an instant reaction on the poster. And believing the same, fans of Mahesh Babu reacted wildly, launched a scathing attack on the actress and Siddharth with a handle #GetLostSamanthaAndSiddharth and posting hate messages on the Twitter page.

When she started getting bad comments, her rumoured boyfriend Siddharth came to her rescue. He tweeted, "As kids, we would jump and wave and shout to get that lucky 1 second connect with a star. 'He saw me. She waved back. He smiled at me.' Today's kids have immediate access to their stars through twitter. To reach out and say what they want.A 2 way street which suddenly exists."

On his Twitter page, Siddharth continued to write, "Wash your feet & leave your hate at the door. It you don't it'll be you who loses that privilege to be part of this..left shouting. Alone..." What irked the Mahesh Babu's fans the most was his last tweet.

The actor added, "Agree or disagree all you want. The moment you question anyone's right to an opinion, well that just makes you a bully, a terrorist even."

We bring you some of the comments of the angry fans of Mahesh Babu on twitter.
Sriram Tej ‏@sreeramtej #GetLostSamanthaAndSiddharth To be honest Movie Celebsshould be the last ones talking about Values.There's nothing to be offended by poster.

Prince Mahesh ‏@MAHESH_MANIA007 , this fan of Prince tweeted: @Samanthaprabhu2 What do u say about this is it not deeply "Regressive" ? RT #GetLostSamanthaAndSiddharth IMMATURE.

Ravi Teja ‏@ravitheratedR #GetLostSamanthaAndSiddharth...we are expecting atleast an explaination from samantha.

Abdul Rehman Shaik ‏@princenthfan7 @Samanthaprabhu2 you first watch the song and then decide whether it is regressively presented or romantically #GetLostSamanthaAndSiddharth

Umakanth ‏@umakanthonline @Samanthaprabhu2 Stop acting in TFI U lost youth support in Telugu,.paid trending tho emi change avvadu #GetLostSamanthaAndSiddharth

Santhosh Reddy ‏@santhu101991 #GetLostSamanthaAndSiddharth hey #WeLoveSamantha is a fake trend made by @WhackedOutMedia who handles Samantha digital accounts.

Mahesh Fanatic ‏@urstrulyFanatic Media should realize that there were many such posters in many films. They never commented them. Why only ours? #GetLostSamanthaAndSiddharth

Sharath Goud ‏@sharathpalle94 #GetLostSamanthaAndSiddharth stop acting in #TFI plzz fake stars The bitches going with paid trends :P suxxxxxxxxx

Sarath Chandra ‏@sarath5108 There is lot of movies which has been released with that type of things. So first condemn those. #GetLostSamanthaAndSiddharth

Dinesh kumar ‏@urstruelydinesh #getlostsamanthaandsiddharth .. plz try to give good movie ... Don't bark on others :p

Krishna ‏@Balaram_Raju Both accounts not only blocked who made the tweets against them.. but even blocked for new users too... #GetlostsamanthaandSiddharth

Mahesh Babu ‏@UstrulyMahesh Siddharth termed "Fans" as "Terrorists"..very Shamefull on his part.. #WeHateSamantha #GetLostSamanthaAndSiddharth

Vikranth mvss ‏@vikranthvicky #GetLostSamanthaAndSiddharth so sad that u made a list of ur anti-fans.. :P how could u post such tweet on superstar? pity on u.

Sureshnaidu ‏@suresh_naiudu The worst tweet ever in twittet from d worst couple i n d world u silly couple #GetLostSamanthaAndSiddharth

Mahesh Fanatic ‏@urstrulyFanatic U tasted our love ... Now u have to get d taste of our anguish and hatred #GetLostSamanthaAndSiddharth

Saran Raju ‏@saranraju #GetLostSamanthaAndSiddharth what happend when they made a free remake of BBB and now they are talking about moral values,STUPIDITY AT PEAKS.

Ram d pokiri ‏@sanjayprincefan Actor siddarth who recently worked with pakistani hijdaa Ali Jafar in chasme baddue calling fans terrorists!! #GetLostSamanthaAndSiddharth

It remains unclear which Telugu movie poster Samantha was tweeting about and the actress refused to comment when we reached out to her for a quote.
There was, however, support too.

@prudhvi_pa­wan56m tweeted, Opinions are to be respected,this is her take on a poster.please guys, act as humans.

What’s interesting is that even Pawan Kalyan fans — a very active group on Twitter — were part of the fight. A few even claimed that it was Samantha’s supposed tweet against Pawan Kalyan that started off the hate attack.

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