Aishwarya Rai to dub in Tamil

Aishwarya Rai is the heroine of the film Ashokavanam. This film is also being made in Hindi with the title Raavan. In Tamil version Vikram is doing the lead role while in the Hindi version Abhishek Bachchan is doing the lead role.

The film is directed by Manirathnam. The shooting is in the final stages. At this point Aishwarya Rai has decided to dub in Tamil. Tamil language has become familiar to her because she had earlier acted in Tamil films Iruvar, Kandukondein Kandukondein and Jeans. She is seen talking Tamil with the assistant directors on the sets of Ashokavanam. 

Since she is not able to read Tamil, her dialogues are written in English. She is able to speak Tamil fluently after going through the dialogues. Seeing this, Manirathnam has permitted her to dub. Initially Rajni’s daughter Aishwarya was supposed to dub for her. Since Aishwarya Rai is able to speak Tamil fluently, she got the chance to dub.


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