Cold war between Lakshmi Rai and Padmapriya

It seems there is cold war between Lakshmi Rai and Padmapriya. Both of them had a clash in the sets of Irumbu Kottai Murattu Singam with regard to who is talented.

Simbhu Devan who had earlier directed Imsai Arasan which had Vadivelu in the lead is directing this film. Lawrence is doing the lead role. This film is a cowboy story. All the actors and actresses are adorning cowboy costumes.

Padmapriya and Lakshmi Rai are also starring in this film. Both of them were constantly telling that they are the heroines of this film. This statement has led to difference of opinion between them. So, both of them had almost tortured the director by telling him that their role should have more significance.

The director was really in a tough position to compromise them. Padmapriya had remarked, “The whole country who have seen Mirugam, Thavamai Thavamirundhu and Pokkisham knows about my acting skill. Can she act like me?” This remark had reached the ears of Lakshmi Rai.

She got wild and quipped that she was more talented than Padmapriya. But somehow Simbhu Devan was able to keep the situation under control and has successfully completed the shooting. It is also important to note that Sandhya is also one of the heroines in this film.

The cold war between the two was very much felt during the audio launch of this film. Lakshmi Rai use to come in glamorous dress for these kinds of functions. In order to contend with her Padmapriya for the first time came in glamorous attire.


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