Is Pooja waiting for something big?

After ‘Naan Kadavul’, Pooja was prepared to do a cameo role in a film that was to be produced by Moser Baer and that has Arya in the lead. Sadly, news made it clear that the film is shelved for some reason. Don’t know what’s her dilemma, but Pooja is continuously declining the offers that had come her way after that.

The girl who stepped inside the industry as Maddy’s pair in ‘Jay Jay’ is determined that she will win a National award for her performance in ‘Naan Kadavul’. We hear that the girl is so confident about bagging the award and is planning to make any further decisions after the award.

Earlier Pooja was saying that she is not able to take any new projects as her grandparents are not keeping well, now we have a new excuse. Let’s wait to see when she will get back to form…


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