Music on the lines of the story

Ganesh Raghavendra who composed sensational music in the film Renigunta got laurels from all quarters of people. Recently while speaking to the media said,” My great grandfather S Balachandar was a great veena exponent.

My father Trichy Gurunathan is also a music artist. It was natural for me to be interested in music since I come from a family which ahs musical background. About how I got the chance to compose music for Renigunta was Nic Arts Chakravarthy heard my music and introduced me to director Panneerselvam I got the freedom to compose music for Renigunta without any interference.

Panneerselvam use to get his work done by bringing each scene before my eyes. It was really a challenging job. Many are asking me about my style, though I have my own style, my music will be on the lines of the story. These days all music composers are talented and we can learn a lot of things from them.”


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