“Aathadi Pavada” song in Baana!

If today’s youth get a chance of listening to that romantic song “Aathadi Pavadai” from the film ‘Poovilangu’, it is sure to attract them, just like it did a few decades back. This mesmerizing tune of Illayaraja had Murali and Kuyili as the young lovers moving gracefully for the beats. Should be said that it was like an anthem for the young hearts of 80s…

The latest we hear about this special song is about its revival. But let’s cross fingers so that it is not remixed with fast beats and loose its original elegance. Know what? The hero, who will be on screen for this evergreen hit, is Junior Murali. Yup, we will have Adharva, son of Murali appear in this song for his debut film ‘Baana’. And the beauty who is gonna take up the sizzling role of Kuyili is actress turned VJ Maheshwari. Birdies who were in the shooting spot were full of praise for the hottie as she has gone a step ahead than the original piece. Maheshwari is doing the role of a second heroine in ‘Baana’.

Wow now we have a Junior Kuyili and Junior Murali, ready to go crazy guys?


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