‘Ghajini’ Producer hopes on Killadi!

Salem A.Chandrasekaran who earlier produced films like ‘Sullan’, ‘February 14’, ‘Ghajini’ and ‘Sabari’ came up with ‘Killadi’ with Bharath in the lead before a year. Sadly after a few days of shooting, the work stopped as the producer faced some financial crunches. The producer hence requested the director to suspend the shooting until further instructions are given out by him. Directed by A Venkatesh, ‘Killadi’ has Nila as Bharath’s love interest and Roja as his mother.

Now we hear that Chandrasekaran is out of his problem and is all set to start the shoot of the film. Anyhow, the producer is facing another problem before resuming the shoot. As the cast and crew of ‘Killadi’ got busy with other assignments, the producer had tough time in getting dates from all of them one by one.  Luckily Bharath, Roja and Nila had agreed to recommence their work and give their call-sheets. However the film’s director A.Venkatesh is not able to save time for ‘Killadi’ as he is held-up with 'Maanja Velu' with Arun Vijay and he will be starting his next project at once after this.

We wish that the producer is able to fix the problem!


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