Susi Ganesan's next!

Director Susi Ganesan and his ‘Kanthaswamy’ team just celebrated their 100th day success. It looks like the director is starting the work of his next right away with the same spirit.

Susi will be positively remaking his ‘Thiruttu Payale’ in Hindi, according to sources. Industry sources had it that talks are on from Susi’s side to join hands with Zee TV. We hear that things are working out on the constructive side and the project might take off anytime soon. We also hear that Susi had completed the work of penning dialogues for this Hindi ‘Thiruttu Payale’ even while ‘Kanthaswamy’ was in making.

Guess who takes the role of Malavika? It’s the sizzling hottie Bipasha Basu, say the sources close to the director.


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