Aayirathil Oruvan similar to Lost' plot

Group of people at odds in all aspects get lost in an unknown island and all of sudden they travel from 2006 to 1977- 30 years back to the past. Is it reality or realms of fiction? Plainly, it’s a work of fiction that has been keeping everyone across the globe: from US President to the ordinary laymen in far-flung corners so curious about this final season. This is all about Lost- World’s most highly rated TRP show and it was recently ranked on the 5th position for the global viewership on youtube.com

Lost is all about few survivors of Oceanic 6 (Flight traveling from United States to Australia) crash that leaves them on an isolated island. The survivors have no idea about their whereabouts and what turns the thing so weird is the Time Machine that lets them travel back to past from 2006-1977.

Well, it looks like Selvaraghavan’s Aayirathil Oruvan too has been based on the same story about three characters time traveling from the present situation towards ancient centuries of Chola dynasty. The adventurous thrills about fireballs thrown from the other ends are seemingly lifted from this TV series. A forest officer, an archaeologist and a local coolie have embarked a journey on the quest of hidden past about Chola dynasty only to experience series of bizarre.

It’s noteworthy that a mysterious invisible creature killing down the survivors was blatantly replicated in Ram Gopal Varma’s Agyaat. Time Travel has been the most-loved theme for the Hollywood filmmakers as they have churned out numerous flicks based on this. Be it Back to the Future or the recent Time Traveler’s wife, these movies have been offering a sense of astonishing fantasy for the world audiences. Similarly, Bollywood’s super hit Jodi Akshay Kumar-Vipul Shah has geared up for Action Replay based on Time Travel.


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